Contract Agent

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According to the World Economic Forum the Commission’s 10 richest officials are wealthier than 98% of all the CA FG II together

Becoming a Contract Agent (abbr. CA) is the first step to become a eurocrat. You just need to perform the following tasks:

  1. Be invited to a CAST Competition (hint: networking is required). There are several that grant you access to a certain functional group (e. g. FG I to FG IV)
  2. Study enough to pass it.
  3. Hope that there will be an opening for the type of CAST you passed. This includes prayers and voodoo to make some eurocrat go on any kind of leave (maternity, parental, gap year), retire or even die.

Around the fifth year of this relatively comfortable life, a contract agent usually remembers their plan to pass the EPSO Test for Administrators. That’s when the panic starts.