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The Day I published a Six-million-views Reel

Among the many things I don’t understand of social media there is the need of people to comment on anything. Why engaging in virtual verbal fights with strangers that will surely misunderstand you? Which pleasure does it give you insulting the author of a post? And, most importantly, where do you find the time to do all that?

I recently published a reel featuring the not-so-sweet encounter between the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and France’s President Emmanuel Macron. This video was played more than 6M times, reaching more than 2M accounts, for a total view time of 9K hours (375 days). It received 70K likes and more than 3K comments.

Now, you would think this is great news, right? Wrong, my phone was constantly buzzing with notifications and I had to read all the idiotic comments, trying to remove the most racist ones. Here a summary of what people have said, just to show how disappointing mankind can be:


Mr. Schmit goes to Europe – a beer with the Socialists’ lead candidate

The Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights and European Socialists’ lead candidate Nicolas Schmit and DG Fabio Mauri. In the background, the Brussels Canal.

“I’m thirty-four and I am exhausted”, said Robin, who has been following the seventy-year-old Commissioner and lead candidate Nicolas Schmit in his campaign. “Yesterday we were in Portugal, today we are in Belgium, tomorrow we will be in Luxembourg, then Italy, Spain and Croatia”. I am happy Schmit found some time in his busy agenda to answer a few questions and listen to my meme speech.