EU narrative

The 2019 Eurovision/Spitzenkandidaten Debate

Fun facts
#1 All candidates have short hair (no, Violeta Tomič doesn’t count. You didn’t even know she was running anyways)
#2 Commission candidates speak better English than Parliament candidates (sorry, guys, it’s the truth)
#3 None of these candidates will become President of the European Commission

EU narrative movies

Reservoir Jackals (2019)

Serbian-Hungarian border, May 2019

The police filmed a violent settling of accounts between two rival gangs in the small town of Röszke. The conflict arose to determine who had precedence in using anti-migrants feelings to distract public opinion from the failures and illicit behaviors of the gangs’ administration.

Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino announced a new movie inspired by these events, with the working title Reservoir Jackals.