Welcome to DG MEME!

“Let’s drink to the European dream!”

Nobody felt the need for a Directorate-General for Memes, Satire and Sober Fun until the 21st of June 2018, the day DG MEME opened its Facebook page with the following aims:

  • Communicating the stories, the drama and the comedy of the European Union, mostly via memes and short satirical pieces
  • Informing about EU topics while entertaining (infotaining)
  • Criticising the staid communication style of the institutions by showing the success of a different, more modern approach
  • Having fun in the process

The reactions were incredible: functionaries secretly liked it but at the same time there were attempts to report and close it. Fortunately the page grew too big to be stopped and an interview on POLITICO Europe persuaded the hierarchies that a bit of criticism could only be beneficial.

“The European Union is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, very few really know what it is or how it works”

Suddenly even the most senior and unmotivated communicator had to learn what a meme is or how to use Twitter. And this is something we are proud of: despite being outsiders, we managed to impact the European communication, proving that even eurocrats have their human side.

The kind of review we hope for