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EUROPOLITAN, the Sober Fashion Magazine

In this page we collect all the issues of EUROPOLITAN, the EU Bubble’s fictional fashion magazine which is published every year on Valentine’s Day. Special thanks to LM, AH, MT, RAS and RJ for helping the creative process.


In this issue:

  • French commissioners: is Breton hotter than Barnier?
  • Helena Dalli’s beauty tricks: “That’s how I won Miss World Malta in 1979”
  • Nobel discovery: attosecond, the time it took Ursula to replace Charles with Mario


In this issue:

  • Political corruption is not a man’s job: Kaili’s tips on how to stuff your bag
  • Men and engines: Scholz’ sense of tanks
  • A shocking thing that 95% of trainees do in bed: studying for EPSO
  • APAs admit: it’s easier to crash events with free buffet than to go grocery shopping


In this issue many juicy insights on the EU-bubble’s lifestyle:

  • Which APAs are available to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Strasbourg?
  • What does the EC Decision 2022 69-696969 imply for private, bilateral meetings?
  • How many boxes of Belgian chocolate can I eat respecting the Maastricht criteria?


This EUROPOLITAN issue is dedicated to all the couples that won’t manage to meet, due to travel restrictions. Let’s hope we won’t have another Saint Valentine’s Day like this one… A big hug to all of you!


Europolitan has always a good word for our bureaucratic hearts and lots of juicy insights on the EU-Bubble’s lifestyle and trend-setters! In this issue, the hot topics include:

  • How to create a romantic atmosphere for Valentine’s Day despite being in Brussels.
  • Did Manfred Weber infringe the Better External Appearance Recriminatory Directive (BEARD)?
  • Find the right little grey dress for Plux
  • Assistants special: latest trends in file folders for minutes-taking
  • Be a Rebel: wear red socks in the office!


Are you wondering how to

  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Brussels and yet create a romantic atmosphere?
  • Eat Belgian fries without affecting your waistline?
  • Find out which type of sex is regulated by EC Decision 2018 69-69?

DG MEME suggests reading EUROPOLITAN, the glamorous (yet sober) fashion magazine specifically targeted to women of the European Institutions. EUROPOLITAN has always a good word for our bureaucratic hearts and lots of juicy insights on the EU-bubble’s lifestyle!

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