Committee of the Regions

European Committee of the Regions logoThe Committee of the Regions (CoR), established in 1994, was set up to address two main issues: showcasing European regional food by organizing buffets cultural events in Brussels and ensuring a political future to many mayors, regional presidents and other councilors.

Its work is based on three key principles:

  • Subsidiarity: it ensures that the European Union does not take on tasks which are better suited to national, regional or local administrations
  • Proximity: the majority of the CoR members should be very close to national politicians (better if blood-related, friends, or business partners). They are also close to the citizens, even if the citizens are not aware of this
  • Partnership: the “multi-level governance” decision-making process can lead to good European governance only if the European, national, regional and local governments keep slowing down each other’s decisions

The Treaties oblige the European Commission and the Council of the European Union to consult the Committee of the Regions, in the same way adolescents ask the opinion of their parents.