When used by someone in the EU Bubble this term refers to the 24 official languages of the European Union. Except if the speaker/writer is French, then it just means: “more French”.

Histoire vrai

A language can only become or cease to be an official EU language if the European Council takes a unanimous decision to make it so. They could very well decide tomorrow to make High Valyrian, Syldavian or Klingon official EU languages if they so wished.

DG MEME, which is always ready for the future, already started translating to Klingon regulation 1/58 on the official EU languages and citizens’ right to use them when contacting EU institutions. (thanks to F. Malmenbeck for the translation)

ngoch wa’DIch

Holmey’e’ lo’bogh ‘ewrop malja’ boq wuq ngochvam

ngoch ‘ay’ 1

Qu’meychaj turtaHvIS ‘ewrop DIvI’ ghom’a’mey, ngoch Holmeyvam lo’: bolghar’Iya’ Hol, HervatSIqa’ Hol, cheSqa’ Hol, Denmargh Hol, ne’Derlan Hol, DIvI’ Hol, ‘eStIy Hol, SuwomIy Hol, vIraS Hol, DoyIchlan Hol, ‘elaDya’ Hol, maDyar Hol, ‘eyre’ Hol, latvIya’ Hol, malta Hol, po’lISqa’ Hol, portughal Hol, ro’manIy’ya’ Hol, SIlovenISqa’ Hol, SIlovenya’ Hol, ‘eSpanya’ Hol, Suverya’ Hol je.

ngoch ‘ay’ 2

malja’ boq ‘ay’vaD ghItlhmey ngeHmeH qonDI’ DIvI’ Sep, DIvI’ Sep chutmey pabnISbogh nuv joq, ghItlhmeH Hol’e’ ngaSbogh tetlhvam wIvlaH qonwI’. jangDI’ vay’, Hol rap lo’nIS.

ngoch ‘ay’ 3

DIvI’ SepvaD, DIvI’ Sep chutmey pabnISbogh nuvvaD joq ghItlhmey ngeHmeH qonDI’ malja’ boq ‘ay’, Sepvam Hol lo’nIS.

ngoch ‘ay’ 4

ngochmey’e’, latlh ghItlhmey’e’ pabnISbogh Hoch joq luqonlu’DI’, tetlhvam Holmey lo’nIS qonwI’.