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Calendar and Gadgets for 2021

Let’s say it: 2020 was not our favorite year, that’s why we decided to celebrate the new year with a few new gadgets and a couple of amazing calendars. Support DG MEME and make a eurocrat happy with these gifts!

DG MEME Products

A eurocrat’s life is full of unexpected moments, but DG MEME’s gadgets are here to help: our face mask can be used to protect you from the virus with style; coffee with or without alcohol tastes better from our cups; take a nap in between meetings on our comfy pillows; show that you take memes and eurocracy seriously with our stickers and phone covers; last but not the least: shop green with our reusable tote bag, Frans will be proud of you!

Visit our online shop! You might think we are greedy but don’t forget we earn a small percentage of the price and it’s not our fault if shipping things to Belgium costs more than the EU Budget of Luxembourg… We can only recommend bulk purchases 😀

Stella Arts-Loi

Our favorite beer has a brand of products! Ideal for trainees leaving Brussels to carry a bit of the city with them.

DG MEME’s Book

Communicating the importance of the European Union is our mission and we try to accomplish that on a different number of media: memes, poetry, videos and, to remain traditional, also books. In this case, an international love story set in a dystopian future in which the European Union doesn’t exist and traveling is forbidden.

The book is available in German, English and Italian. Unfortunately only on Amazon (yes, they’re evil but they also are the only company that prints and ships on demand, which is great for us).

Calendars for 2021

Prepare for a year of success and milestones with a calendar of Ursula von der Leyen on the phone!

Click on the image for full resolution

2020 was sad but the calendar of Margaritis Schinas smiling can ensure a cheerful 2021!

Click on the image for full resolution

Take immediate control on 2021 with the calendar of Valdis Dombrovskis staring at you suspiciously.

Click on the image for full resolution

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